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Who Knows One is now being carried at Grolier and Kolbo in Boston and at Israel's Book and Gift in Toronto, Canada. Ask for it at your local independent bookstore!

The first review of Who Knows One, by arts blogger Maureen Doallas, has been posted -- and it's glowing. (link)
The Reform movement is reprinting my poem "Mourners' Kaddish for Everyday" in a prayerbook to be published August, 2010. What a blessing to comfort people I don't even know! 

Debra Cash’s poetry is evocative and accessible and beautiful. Comparisons may be odious but just to help put her in context, these poems recall the grace of Billy Collins, one of my favorites, and her improvisations on Jewish themes are in the same league as Marge Piercy’s widely-published interpretations of traditional prayers.

The poems based on stories, language and associations connected to the Passover Haggadah are especially powerful. They do what art is supposed to do: give us a new way to see. Her insights are sometimes provocative, sometimes wistful, sometimes even angry, but they are also always wise. These poems will deepen and broaden the experience of Passover for Jews for generations to come. Who Knows One is just breathtaking, and deserves a place in the canon.

— Anita Diamant
author of The Red Tent and Day After Night