• My professional  move from criticism to contextualization
  • Read my reviews on Jewish Theatre on the international All About Jewish Theatre website based in Tel Aviv
  • Izzy's Polka, a reminiscence
  • I’m the Scholar in Residence at the Bates Dance Festival. Here's what I wrote for their blog when Merce Cunningham passed away last summer.
  • About Sendak’s Peter and the Wolf
  • Listen to my broadcasts from Studio 360 and WBUR.
  • I still contribute occasionally to the Boston Phoenix  — which first published my work back in the 1970s! Here's a way to click through to my Boston Phoenix reviews and seasonal dance previews. Check my Dancing in the Present Tense blog for current reviews going forward. 
  • Many of the articles I wrote for the award-winning WBUR Online Arts blog are still available for your reading pleasure.
  • What, no Boston Globe ? You can’t find my 700+ Boston Globe articles on the web because the lawsuit against the New York Times and online databases that writers won in the Supreme Court back in 2000 is still in limbo. They’re waiting to put my work online, I’m waiting for my (tiny) share of the $18 million recompense originally negotiated. Some dance companies have posted or excerpted my reviews with permission. If you’re looking for a particular review, get in touch and I may be able to scan you a copy. 


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